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The definition of Data Management can be put as simply as: “Administrative process by which the required data is acquired, validated, stored, protected, and processed, and by which its accessibility, reliability, and timeliness is ensured to satisfy the needs of the data users.

As an importer and distributor, Kinetic Distribution is proud to be associated with a number of organisations whose primary purpose is in developing innovative and functional solutions for pieces of the Data Management puzzle, each with their own expertise. Without the phenomenal products that these companies develop, their continued support and not to mention the ‘leap of faith’ we would be unable to bring these quality Solutions to many African businesses.

But, it doesnt stop there ...

We also need resellers and final solution developers to tweak these out-of-the-box products to be able to fit seamlessly inside of the users environment. If a solution is complicated and long-winded a way to by-pass it will be found by very inventive system users.

This is where our exclusive DM reseller channel steps in to cover the region of South Africa and extending up to Nigeria. Our continent product users range from small businesses to major corporations, para-statal, government and even defence, and have the knowledge to make your DM system usable and useful.

Our product exclusive resellers offer a wealth of information which can be imparted to their users, by way of correct product matching, development and implementation. Their knowledge and partnerships formed will allow your organisation to navigate the world of Data Management, which encompasses not just document management, content management, records management, database management and a host of other ‘acronym’ managements.